The Key to Your Success

The T-Ninja1000 is an OBD key programming tool for the automotive immobilizer system. Its integrated RFID Induction Slot diminishes human error and picks up data instantly. Real-time guided operations and built-in tips and hints minimize your downtime and finish jobs faster. This cost-effective device maximizes its value with so many useful functions.

Database With Over 5,000 Vehicle Model Details


The 5,000+ vehicle database with locksmith verified details and processes speeds up the learning curve for new users, and boosts business for locksmiths.

User-Friendly Design


Comes with an integrated RFID induction slot and easy-to-store carrying box.All through OBD, no soldering or EEPROM needed.

Turns Beginners Into Pros

The Step-By-Step operating tips will guide beginners all the way through the key programming procedures, speeding up production.

Always Be Up-To-Date

Offers regular updates so technicians can work 

on the latest vehicles as they come out.

Wide Vehicle Coverage


Use the T-Ninja1000 to cover all major manufacturers in the US, Europe and Japan. Unlimited uses, no tokens required.

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